Gym In Kandivali

Iron Paradise Club House offers premier fitness facilities, offering state-of-the-art workout machinery, including CrossFit equipment, to cater to diverse fitness needs. Our approachable general trainer and polite staff, contributes to an excellent overall workout experience, are what sets it apart.

The staff's professionalism, friendliness, and kindness towards customers create a welcoming atmosphere helps to achieve fitness goals. The knowledgeable trainers at Gym in Kandivali actively monitor members' workouts, providing corrections and guidance to ensure proper form and technique.

To accommodate members' preferences, we offer flexible membership plans, including monthly, quarterly, and yearly options, all at reasonable prices. This affordability enhances convenience and accessibility for individuals who prioritise their journeys. Moreover, our Gym fosters a supercharged-up environment characterised by enthusiasm, further motivating members to push their limits and consistency for excellence in their fitness endeavours. With its commitment to providing best equipment, expert guidance, and an empowering atmosphere, we offer an unparalleled fitness experience for individuals of all fitness levels.


Our Speciality

  1. Abdominal Bench, Arm Curl, Dumbbells, Flat and Multi-Adjustable Benches
  2. Lateral Raise and Smith Machine, Pec and Rear Delt Fly
  3. Weightlifting, Shoulder and Chest Press
  4. the Barbell, Squat Racks, Weight Management
  5. Crossfit Training, Bodybuilding, Treadmills, Elliptical Cross-Trainers, Leg Extension & Exercise Cycles

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Iron Paradise the club house

Anand building, behind milap petrol pump,Goraswadi malad west .


Mon - Sat 6am to 10pm. Sun - 12 to 9pm

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